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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Move Over Microwave, Here Comes Dehydrator

Microwaves take real food, make it taste terrible, destroy the nutrients in the food, and turn it into fake food.  Dehydrators, on the other hand, take real food, make it taste fantastic, preserve all the nutrients and enzymes in the food, and keep it real!  When you get rid of your microwave it will open up enough counter space for your fabulous new dehydrator.  Read on . . . . 

I had contemplated getting rid of my microwave for over a year.  One afternoon a few months ago, I finally got up the courage to get rid of it.  I warned my husband that the microwave was going to go missing one day.  I think he thought I was just teasing him.  While I am used to eating cold or room temperature food because of my love for raw food, my husband likes his food hot.  So, when I cook dinner at 3:00, and then he doesn't eat until 8:00, he always reheated his food in the microwave, while I happily ate my food cold.  My husband's temperature preferences aside, once I finally felt fully motivated, I ripped the plug out of the outlet and carried the microwave to the basement where it remains today.  I can't bring myself to donate the microwave because I don't really want to pass on this dangerous household appliance to anyone else.  I felt so accomplished.   I stood back, looked at the empty space on my countertop, and smirked, much better!  Now my husband complains about eating cold food or waiting 30 minutes while his food heats up in the oven, but don't feel too badly for him, he is eating home cooked meals practically every night!

Have any of you ever wondered if your microwave is actually safe?  Have you ever moved away from the microwave while it was on because your instincts told you to move?   For all you ladies who were pregnant, weren't you told to stay out of the line of a microwave?  Have you ever eaten food cooked or heated in a microwave and the taste is totally changed?  What does your gut tell you about microwaves?  My gut always told me there was something unsafe and unnatural about them.  Turns out my gut is right.  We all question whether microwaves are safe, but like everything else in this world we always assume someone else is making sure we are safe, so if microwaves are being sold, we rationalize they must be fine.  They are NOT fine and no one is really watching out for us.  

Microwaves change the molecular structure of foods, destroy most of the nutrients in food, and can cause severe immunological problems when used over a prolonged period of time.  Rather than listing all the dangers microwaves present, I suggest you do a little of your own research and you can start by reading this article.  In truth, we all know we shouldn't be using microwaves but because of the convenience factor, we dismiss our natural instincts.

When you decide to get rid of your microwave, here are a few real life tips that will help you figure out how to reheat food and do other things that you used to do in your microwave.  These tips are so simple, it's almost embarrassing to list them, but that is exactly the point.   Everything we do in a microwave can easily be done without a microwave.  

(1) Reheating Food - Put the food in an oven safe dish and heat at 350 degrees until food reaches desired temperature.

(2) Steaming Vegetables - Put your vegetables in a steamer basket and place basket over a pot filled half way with water.  Boil the water and allow the vegetables to steam until they reach desired consistency.

(3)  Defrosting Food - Take food out of the freezer a few hours before you plan to cook it.  It will defrost on the countertop, just plan ahead a little bit.

(4) Heating Water - Put the water in a pot and heat.

I think you get the picture!!!

So now what are YOU going to do with that counter space left vacant by the microwave now sitting in your basement?  My suggestion, get a dehydrator!  Dehydrators take up about the same amount of space as microwaves but rather than destroying food like microwaves do, they allow foods to keep all their vitamins, minerals, and nutrients when dehydrated at a temperature of 115 degrees or lower.

I LOVE my dehydrator and so do my kids.  Dehydrators are fool proof.  Anyone can dehydrate food because you simply place the food on the dehydrator sheets, set the temperature at 115 degrees, plug it in, and leave it there until the food reaches the desired consistency.  I usually put the food in at night and then in the morning the food is done.  What could be easier?

What types of food can you make in a dehydrator?  Our favorites are kale chips, dried fruits, flax crackers, and zucchini crisps.  There are great recipes all over the internet for dehydrated food.  But, truly there is no need to get fancy.  Toss your kale with some olive oil, celtic sea salt, and a little nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor and I promise they will be a hit with adults and children.  I can not keep up with the kale chip consumption in my house.

I have the excalibur dehydrator and I do believe they are the best on the market.
Everyone is always asking what to give their kids for snacks.  Kids and adults both love to munch on crunchy things, the problem is that most snacks in the supermarket are overly processed and filled with fake ingredients.  Dehydrating your own food is one way to keep healthful snacks around.

So, don't wait another moment, march downstairs unplug that microwave and throw it in your basement.  Enjoy the empty counter space for a few moments, and then go to your computer and order your very own excalibur dehydrator.  You will not regret this.  For those of you who are local, you can also order your dehydrator through Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe, call them at 203-292-8190.


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