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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Are you one of those people who can sit quietly on the floor, palms to the ceiling, with your eyes closed and ohm your way to peace and serenity?  If you are, I am envious as I am not one of those people . . . yet.  Quiet meditation is certainly something to work toward, but for now, I am still that person at the end of yoga class when everyone else sprawls out on their back for 5 minutes of relaxation during Shavasana who jumps up and heads out the door for my next activity or errand.

Does this make me a bad person or mean that I do not live a conscious life?  I say absolutely not.  If you can quietly meditate, then by all means continue what you are doing.  But, if you are more like me, find ways in your every day life to raise your level of consciousness and allow your inner most, sacred thoughts to surface.  A few months ago I attended a joint talk by Kris Carr, author of "Crazy, Sexy Diet" and Gabrielle Bernstein, author of "Spirit Junky".  You can guess who is the yogi and who is the health nut.  Of course I related to Kris Carr, who shares much of the same beliefs about food as I do.  Someone in the audience asked Kris Carr if she meditates like Gabrielle Bernstein.  Bernstein answered for Carr and said that Carr "meditates during her every day activities".  Of all the things these two amazing ladies talked about that night, this simple statement is what resonated with me the most.

I may not spend 20 minutes or even 5 minutes a day in quiet solitude alone with my thoughts in a meditative pose, but throughout the day I am raising my level of consciousness and living my life with purpose.  It is in my every day activities that I am able to invoke a feeling of connection to myself, to those around me and to my actions.  I am by no means saying that every moment of my life is filled with meaning and purpose, I am human after all, and certainly have many moments of craziness where I completely lose all sense of where I am or what I am doing.  But, what I am saying is that I meditate during many of my daily activities.   When I am running outside, I let my mind drift where it wants to and allow thoughts and ideas to flow freely.  I write most of my blog pieces in my mind, including this one, while running because that is when I find inspiration and think most clearly.  When I am cooking dinner for my family, I am aware of every ingredient that goes into that food, I pay attention to the smells in my kitchen, and I pour all my love and care into the dishes my family will eat.  When I am sitting on the couch with my children reading them a book and cuddling, I am conscious of the love and peace I feel at that moment.

Those who practice one form or another of traditional meditation may be thinking I have no clue what meditation is truly about.  But, when you are mindful of the activities you are engaging in and how they make you feel, I believe that is a form of mediation that everyone can practice all day long.  What daily activities can you participate in with a new level consciousness and intent?  

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